New profession spawning

In recent years the significance of clusters for regional economic development, and for the economy in general, has grown. Various cluster programmes are going on in different part of the world and countries like to utilize cluster-based models in their economic development programs in some level in order to improve the living standards and competitiveness of enterprises and regions.

Clusters are uniting private, public and academia in order to build up holistic societies moving away from tight industrial thinking guiding different partners to build up more multicultural and multidimensional world, where different sciences meet and where new multi-competence persons are utilized. However executive cultures various among different partners offering increased challenges to embed the clustering implementation. As important as creating new clusters, processes and performances is of course valuable, however it has been noticed, that culture including social and emotional capital will be crucial for future cluster success.


  According the researches still 55-75% of all networks fails.”


Networks have been found out a fruitful breeding ground to cluster initiatives and further to clusters. However according the researches still 55-75% of all networks fails. Not due to lack of process or competence knowledge, but the lack of trust, weak social and emotional capital and immature culture. Too much disrespectful culture is in the air between the partners.

For that reason people with new type of executive skills will be on the spotlight of the high performing clusters, who can assimilate knowledge, social and emotional capital into a wise intellectual capital and further more to coherent culture, when cluster develop evolves. These new type of facilitators unite multilayered holistic processes, assist to build trust and culture and systematically finds out continuous quality measurement systems in order to get strong research information background, how processes have been proceeded.

Many of those people working closely with the companies want to see more dynamics in cluster processes and expect private driven, SME aspect and bottom up approach to grow. We need new clusters in order to increase the competitiveness of regions. Clusters, unclassified and innovative according to present standards, need to assist to spawn. It needs tools for identify clusters, especially new unclassified clusters, which often are truly bottom up approaches driven by SMEs. These types of new clusters are often spread out in very small scales and sometimes difficult to identify. For that reason we need new trained people, new profession, who have competencies to recognize new spawning clusters.

Based on that fact, Finland was the first country in Europe, who started the consistent and coherent cluster facilitator training workshops already ten years ago in order to implement the necessary multidimensional world. Since then many new types of facilitators have been certified in different countries and the interest is increasing rapidly in different parts of the world. These new certified cluster facilitators are not only focusing to the process itself, but also have capabilities to build up strong and keen networks and have competencies to guide individuals to more open culture with sincere and genuine attitude.

The 21st century belongs to those executives, who can anticipate the future, assist enterprises to realize the benefits of clustering tool in their growth and internationalization processes and guide the profound change in whole society. So, you working in public, academia or private sector and having an inspiring and innovative attitude, integrated and stereoscopic mind setting and have competencies to run dynamic, private driven cluster processes, we need you, we challenge you, to take the vast leap to step ahead and pave the way to more multidimensional and stereoscopic world.

Wishing you success in your forerunner path!